black-laceBlack Lace Quickies was a gift and who am I to refuse a gift, especially when it comes in book form. Also, I like smutty books. It’s hard, though, to choose someone else’s erotica. Your kinks are not necessarily my kinks.

That said, this slim volume of six stories has something for everyone and the stories are well-written and extremely naughty. The first couple of stories, in particular were well done. In ‘O’, a stewardess has an insatiable desire for sex toys and in ‘Life Boat’, a Greek cruise opens a young girl’s eyes to the erotic world. Both of these stories offered something slightly more than your standard bump and grind.

If you like a little naughty with your well, naughty, this might be the book for you. And at 122 pages, you’ll be finished in lots of time for…other reading. *g*