I picked it up at the little second-hand shop we visit almost every Saturday with the kids. I discovered fandom late and so I haven’t read more than a handful of these novelizations, probably because I discovered fanfiction first. Later, when I did try a couple of these sorts of books I found them to be lacking- fic was always better (and pornier!)

Seven Crows was okay, though. Vornholt’s plot about vampire smugglers on the US/Mexico border (set in an alternative season 7) was interesting. The writing was so much better than the Nancy Holder books I tried years ago. And best of all- the story features Riley and Sam Finn in need of some help and who better to call than Buffy and Angel, who haven’t seen each other in months and still have all these complicated and very real feelings for each other. For the B/A shipper- it was a great little book to kill a couple hours.