The Myth of You and Me by Leah Stewart

Library Journal said this book was “incandescently beautiful [with] passages about the challenges awaiting young women as they come of age. The story, filled with secrets and treasures, is a well executed, compelling look at attraction, love and trust.”

Poppycock, I say. Yes, this was my book club selection. You have no idea how I stress (in a good way) about which book to choose. The way our club is organized allows for each member to host once a year- meaning we choose the book, lead the discussion and feed everyone. So, with only one choice a year- you want to get it right. Well, I do.

The book I wanted to pick was Envy by Kathryn Harrison- but given that people were going to have to read it (partly at least) over the holidays, I thought it might be wiser to choose something a little less heavy. Which lead me to The Myth of You and Me.

The book is a light-weight look at the friendship between Cameron and Sonia, who meet the summer they are 15. Narrated by a soon-to-be-thirty Cameron, the novel traces, through flashbacks- their friendship, their personal histories, the men they love but I was never convinced of any of it and that may have to do with my lukewarm feelings about Cameron herself.

Early on in the book we learn that Cameron and Sonia have parted company. Some horrible event caused the unresolved rift in their friendship, but when Cameron’s employer Oliver Doucet dies, he leaves her with one last task: find Sonia. The rest of the book sees Cameron on a journey to to find Sonia and deliver a mysterious package.

Despite my reservations, Stewart makes several observations about friendship and relationships which I thought were really interesting and which I hope will lead to some good discussion when my book club meets.  I have a feeling people will be divided on this one. As for me- I had a mostly tepid reaction to the book.

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