A Reading Challenge

February 7, 2010

I see a lot of reading challenges when I am reading other book blogs. People sign up like mad for these things and they often seem onerous to me.  I like to keep my reading schedule more flexible. I belong to a reading group and I have to read those books. Beyond that, I like to peruse my tbr shelf and pick what I feel like reading at that moment.

That said, I did sign up for The Memorable Memoir Reading Challenge because it only required me to read four memoirs and I have (at least) four on my tbr shelf.

This morning I stumbled across the Aussie Author Challenge over at Booklover Book Reviews. I can be a ‘tourist’ and read just three novels. Interestingly, I am part way through Cleave by Nikki Gemmell and next up is The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. (I didn’t even know he was Australian, so bonus!) I also have a couple Tim Winton’s on my tbr shelf…so signing up for this challenge seemed like a no-brainer!


  1. I hope Cloud St. is one of the Tim Wintons. It’s wonderful.

  2. It is on the list. I also have Dirt Music. Have you read that?

  3. Thanks for joining the Memorable Memoir challenge! I made it low-key on purpose … wanted to make it doable for people.

  4. Thanks for joining me in the Aussie Author Challenge – look forward to reading your reviews!

    • Thanks for making the challenge do-able!

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