30 Day Book Meme – Day 20

Favourite Romance Book

Yes, it’s true…I am a romantic at heart. A total, card carrying romantic. Love, Actually makes me cry every.single.time.

I am a sucker for the angsty ending. (Hello, Buffy/Angel shipper.) I love the long looks across the crowded room, the single touch that ignites a firestorm of passion, the stolen kisses. The happily-ever-after…when it’s done just right. (I’ve never read the book but the film The Notebook is my idea of the perfect romance…or maybe it’s just that Ryan Gosling is my idea of the perfect man…even though I am old enough to be his mother.)

I used to be a huge LaVyrle Spencer fan. I remember reading her novel, Morning Glory  into the wee hours because I just couldn’t put it down. I haven’t read any of her novels for years and I suspect I’d find them too sugary now.

Therefore, my favourite romance novel would have to be The Time Traveler’s Wife. Handsome hero, smart and beautiful heroine, fated and star-crossed…I just loved this book. My advice if you haven’t yet read it…is to ignore the timestamp – it just gets confusing trying to piece it all together. I looked at the ages of Henry and Clare and then read. And wept.

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