33/365 – beautiful bookstores

Much has been written about the loss of indpendent bookstores, about their inability to compete with online retailers like Amazon. There hasn’t been an independent bookstore in my city in forever…and for the longest time, the only bookstores we had were Coles, small chain stores in found in malls. When Indigo opened a beautiful store a few years back – it was a big deal in these parts. We do have a couple second hand bookstores and our university opened a bookstore on a main street in our city centre.

I love bookstores. I love killing a couple hours browing in a bookstore. But I admit it, I do shop online.

That said, if I had one of these bookstores in my town, I may give up shopping from my couch altogether.

20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

8 thoughts on “33/365 – beautiful bookstores

  1. LinsFood February 2, 2012 / 10:14 am

    Hi Christie, first time here, had a look at those bookstores through your link, think I’d like to live in one of them! I’m a homeschooling mum of 4 and a former English and Economics teacher but of course now, I teach them all! Lovely site, I’ll see you again soon! xx

    • Christie February 3, 2012 / 12:01 am

      Welcome! The bookstores are amazing, aren’t they? We have something else in common – as I currently teach hs English. Brave you for home schooling!

  2. Heather February 2, 2012 / 1:38 pm

    Christie, I love bookstores and magazine shops and like you can easily spend time in them! Halifax has 8 universities and I think this helps to keep the HRM bookstores in business (http://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/a-guide-to-halifaxs-second-hand-bookstores/Content?oid=1246643).

    My HRM favorites:
    children’s bookstore: Woozles (www.woozles.com)
    news stand: Atlantic News (http://www.atlanticnews.ns.ca)
    Bookmark (http://bookmarkinc.ca/halifax)

    Have not yet been to but looks cool: Trident Booksellers (http://www.tridenthalifax.com)

    Listing of used and rare books in NS & NB: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~canns/lunenburg/bookstores.htm

    • Christie February 3, 2012 / 12:00 am

      Thanks for all the links – I’ve been to several in Hfx. Have you hit The Strand yet?

      • Heather February 3, 2012 / 3:07 pm

        No, will put that on my list when we’re back home. 🙂

    • Christie February 3, 2012 / 11:01 pm

      The Strand is in NYC – B’way and 12th. :=)

  3. lynnenne February 2, 2012 / 2:46 pm

    Wow, those places are gorgeous! I spent many hours in Shakespeare & Company in Paris, decades ago. Memories. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

    • Christie February 2, 2012 / 11:59 pm

      Lucky you to have been to Shakespeare and Co! How is Halifax treating you!?

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