tell me where you go – sunday salon

Well, it’s Sunday and that means I get to ask a question. Today I’d like to hear about where you get your book-related news. What are your go-to places for book talk, reviews, news etc.

I love Goodreads. It’s easy to use and it appeals to that control freak side of me that likes lists etc.

I moderate a reading group at Chapters Indigo called 50 Books in 2012. We’ve actually been at it for five years – we just roll the date over every year. It’s just a place where we post short reviews of what we’re reading with a goal of reading 50 books. Some people triple (or more) that number. It’s not really about the number anyway – it’s more about talking about great books.

As for blogs – I check in with a few regularly:

Savidge Reads – a voracious reader from England.

Nerdy Book Club – a great place for all things YA

Bella’s Bookshelves – this is probably my favourite blog at the moment: Canadian, well-written, informative and all about the books.

So, tell me, where do you hang out?


2 thoughts on “tell me where you go – sunday salon

  1. Karen Vickers February 19, 2012 / 2:31 pm

    the Guardian Saturday Review….it’s as much fun as the books themseves.

  2. Tamye February 19, 2012 / 3:01 pm

    I like A Bookworm’s World. It’s also Canadian. She has good reviews and also does giveaways.

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