Saturday Sum-Up

Here’s what I found bookish & interesting on my tour around the Internet this week:

read every dayArt from Scholastic.

The Guardian’s Philip Hensher had some thoughtful things to say about reading: This should be a golden age for readers, but it feels like the end of days

I was particularly interested in Mr. Hensher’s assertion that even reading 15 books a year has a positive impact on your life. A mere 15 books, people! Since I intend to do way better than that (I read 62 books in 2013), I’ve already signed up for Savvy Readers’ 50 Book Pledge. It’s easy to use and a wonderful way to see what you’ve read.

Speaking of seeing what you read…

If you are a book voyeur, you need to follow  Savidge Reads regular feature Other People’s Bookshelves  Simon lets people share their reading lives via their impressive bookshelves and it’s always fascinating.


I am not ashamed (okay, maybe I’m a teensy bit ashamed) to admit that I can’t wait to watch this remake of Flowers in the Attic. Teenagers of a certain age devoured this book (come on, admit it!) and this remake looks a bazillion times better than the 1987 movie.

On this day in literary history:

Albert Camus, author of The Plague, was killed in a car accident near Sens in 1960.

And a recommendation:

If you haven’t already discovered her blog, I highly recommend The Perpetual Page-Turner. Jamie updates regularly with interesting (and often interactive) content. If you are a book-lover, she’s definitely one to follow.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Sum-Up

  1. lynnenne January 4, 2014 / 5:11 pm

    Do 100K-word fanfics count as books? 🙂

      • lynnenne January 4, 2014 / 7:44 pm

        Then I have read many books this year. 😀

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