Saturday Sum-up

Here’s what I found bookish & interesting on my tour around the Internet this week:


From Coffee and a Good Book


I remember reading The Diary of Anne Frank when I was eleven or twelve. I was profoundly moved when I visited the Annex while visiting Amsterdam in the early 1990s. The world continues to surprise and dismay me:

Hundreds of Anne Frank’s book and other books about the Holocaust have been vandalized in dozens of libraries in Japan. Read the story here.

Dare I say it? Here’s an event even more sacred than the Stanley Cup! That’s right, it’s almost time for Canada Reads.

Do you know that there’s this whole thing on YouTube where people talk about the books they buy.  It’s compulsively watchable especially for those of us who buy multiple books at a time.

Have a great day.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sum-up

  1. Ken C. February 22, 2014 / 12:32 pm

    Oh. Posted too early earlier and missed the actual SAT. post. Anyway, snuck a 4-mile run between these comments only crossed paths with ONE car — always a good thing. Ice is tricky, though. Still, with a forecast of sun and 50 degrees (Fahrenheit), I’m looking forward to a little noon sunning on the back porch. Yeah. Eccentric, maybe.

    RE: video. Compulsively watchable? I dunno. Could only take a few minutes of that there tape because, well, the speaker, and,well, her taste in books. (Yeesh.)

    That said, your point is well taken. Because I was home this week, I clicked not ONE cart but TWO (the second four days later) at amazon. This is not good, I said to myself, ordering a second batch of books before the first batch even comes in. The Good Wyfe will comment when she sees the credit card bill (as she is wont to do). Reigns me in. For a while….

  2. Christie February 22, 2014 / 1:29 pm

    Perhaps the example of a book haul video I used wasn’t the best one ever…but some of these people have 20,000 views. It’s bizarre!

    You went for a run! Show off. We had back to back snow days here this week (Wednesday and Thursday). Last Sunday we got 30cm and then we had snowstorms Tues and Wed night. Shoveling my driveway is just about all the exercise I could stand. (I had to conserve my energy in case my basement flooded, as it is apt to do when it pours rain…which it did last night.) Wacky weather!

    Oh, and, hey – we met to discuss More Than This on Tuesday night. Have you read it? I’d love another opinion.

  3. Ken C. February 22, 2014 / 1:36 pm

    Yes, I loved MORE THAN THIS as a great adventure tale (commented on your other post about it, btw). I’ve held it back from the classroom library mostly due to 2 pp — OK, mostly due to my wild imagination thinking of parents e-mailing principal about a certain T’s questionable judgment about what is and is not appropriate for young people to read and blah, blah, blah.

    Leaky basement. You, too? What a menace.

    Have no clue what “30cm” amounts to. Ah, the metric system, my personal menace…

  4. Christie February 22, 2014 / 1:50 pm

    I was trying to figure out a way to post a picture of the snow here in comments, but I don’t think I can. Put it this way – when I back out of the driveway, I can’t see over the snowbanks into the street to see if there is uncoming traffic. (Luckily, I live on a really quiet street.)

    My basement is just…gah! Yet, last night – despite my sump pump whirring away all night – I didn’t get a drop. (Usually the sound of my sump pump signals stuff floating in the morning.)

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