Saturday Sum Up

Here’s what I found bookish & interesting around the Internet this week:

Anyonw who loves books already knows the truth of the matter:
Bookworms Do It Better

I am a long time Stephen King fan, but maybe you have to be of a certain age to really understand how Mr. King changed the horror landscape. In the 1970s, he was pumping out books a mile a minute – and I read them as fast as he wrote them. I don’t know what it is about horror and teenagers – they’re sort of a match made in creepy-heaven. I evenually stopped reading King, though, and hadn’t read anything by him in yeras until a few weeks ago when I read Joyland, which I loved. I’d forgotten how masterful King is at evoking a forgotten time and place. If you are just getting started with King’s massive catalogue, here’s a list of eleven books you should start with. I haven’t read eveything on this list – but I’ve read the vast majority. These are mostly old-school titles and all of them are terrific.

Essential Stephen King

Here’s something worth considering: is owning books as good as reading them? I was happy to read about someone who has even more books than I do on my TBR shelf! I’d love to hear about your TBS shelf? Do you buy more books than you’ll ever read? I have to admit – I don’t feel even remotely guilty about it.

Feel like taking a quiz? (I am not even going to tell you how badly I did on this one.)

Literary Beginnings.

Enjoy your day.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Sum Up

  1. Ken C. March 29, 2014 / 11:18 am

    King’s path and mine have crossed twice. Would that we had equal literary success!

    • Christie March 29, 2014 / 3:00 pm

      How cool – I’d love to chat with him….unless he’s not cool?

  2. Ken C. March 30, 2014 / 1:04 am

    Well, my aunt and uncle (who live in Maine) saw him at tons of ball games, including his son’s when sonny was in school, and Big Steve always sat in the bleachers reading books instead of watching his son. That’s not cool, but I suppose he still might be.

    Still, I’d say more eccentric than cool. And he writes too much. And he writes books ON WRITING better than he writes novels. And the first time I met him, I worked in a Walden Crooks bookstore and he bought Ludlum. THE CHANCELLOR MANUSCRIPT, to be exact. They guy is omnivorous — a poster boy for the saying, “If you want to write, you have to read. A lot.”

    • Christie March 30, 2014 / 12:33 pm

      Well, at least he ::went:: to his kid’s baseball game. I guess what I meant by cool is not a jerk. You know, when you admire people you hope they’re not asshats.

      Have you read any of his son Joe Hill’s work? I read and really liked Heart-Shaped Box and I have 21st Century Ghosts on my tbr shelf. I also have Owen King’s novella waiting to be read. Guess the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

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