Watch this space…

I’ve been blogging for a while now and I’ve never really considered this blog as anything more than a place to keep track of my bookish life. As my children can attest, I buy more books than I’ll ever be able to read – unless I keep my wits about me until I’m 100. Still, you can never have too many books, right?

I thought I’d try something different in 2012. I am going to try to post every day for the whole year. This poses some immediate problems as I have a couple trips planned – one coming up early in the new year. I am not one of those smart phone gals – not really a cell phone gal at all – so when I’m away from my desk, I won’t be posting. That said, I will then double up on posts to catch up….so I can meet my goal of 365 posts in 2012.

I have already started to stockpile book-related stuff and I am looking forward to sharing it with you beginning January 1st.