4/365 – Bookshelves

I have a really hard time giving away books – the exception being books I really didn’t like (because if I wouldn’t recommend them, why would I keep them?) and books that I wouldn’t re-read (one shot mysteries). But there is the whole problem of what to do when you run out of room.

I have a floor to ceiling built in, compliments of my brother, Tom. He made it for me last year – the first time he’s ever built anything like  it – and I love it. I could barely wait for the paint to dry so I could start alphabetizing all my books and I spent many evenings after the books were shelved sitting in the armchair across the living room, sighing contentedly.

But that wasn’t enough. I needed more shelves, so instead of buying a sofa table which would only collect clutter, I asked him to build me a book shelf that would do double duty as a sofa table. it is the perfect piece of furniture – functional and pretty, too. I don’t think there’s anything my brother can’t do!

I have a great IKEA bookshelf in my bedroom which is reserved for my tbr books. I know – I have a teensy addiction to book buying and I know that eventually I am going to run out of room.I have always dreamed about having a library – a room devoted to books; a quiet, comfortable place to read and dream and write. Someday, maybe.

No surprise: I love bookshelves. I think they’re an essential piece of furniture. I love to see what’s on other people’s shelves. I love for visitors to see what’s on mine. It’s one of the main reasons I can’t ever see me buying an e-reader, although I do understand their appeal.  Book shelves are art and apparently I am not alone. Check out the shelves at Bookshelf Porn.

I am gratified to know that I am not alone.