tattoo you…

I don’t have a tattoo. I don’t want a tattoo – it’s a needle thing.  Growing up, my grandfather was the only person I ever knew who had a tattoo. They were old, faded things on his forearms, leftover remnants of his time as a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy.

Nowadays it seems like just about everyone has a tattoo – young people and older people – but I often wonder if people ever suffer from tattoo regret. What happens when you break up and you’re stuck with the name of your “one true love” emblazoned on some part of your body? Yikes! What happens if you couldn’t afford to go to the really good tattoo artist and ended up with a picture that’s more turnip than rose. Yikes!

Apparently books often inspire tattoos. Here’s the five books that have inspired the most tattoos.

Nope. Still not interested.