Saturday Sum-up – Feb 8

Here’s what I found bookish & interesting on my tour around the Internet this week:


The above picture will never happen to me. That’s because this is my to be read shelf!  IMG_0211

It is both awesome and daunting to have so many books waiting to be read, especially when I also have a little notebook filled with hundreds more titles

Not nearly as often as I should, I visit the blogs I’ve linked to (see right) to see what other bloggers are reading and talking about. One click led to another and suddenly I came across this fabulous page: 100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers. I’m just – gah! Where has this page been all my life?

I suspect that many of you are already familiar with Book Drum, a wonderful site that allows readers to offer (academic) insight into the books they love by way of pictures, video, footnotes etc. I actually submitted a project – for lack of a better word – on Helen Humphreys’ magnificent novel, The Lost Garden. For teachers out there – try Teaching with Book Drum.

I suspect that everyone and their dog has seen this sweet little video – but just in case you missed it:

Happy Saturday!