26/365 – bad reviews

Apparently there was a bit of a kerfluffle on GoodReads a few days back. The gist of the whole thing was that someone took offence to a negative review. The Guardian posted a tidy little summary about whole thing here.

I’ve certainly written my share of negative reviews. So what? Who am I? I am just one voice in a million and I have no special expertise…just my own subjective point of view. I’m a reader; I know what I like.  I can’t imagine my negative feelings will have any impact on an author’s popularity – if I had that much power Dan Brown wouldn’t have sold a bazillion copies of The DaVinci Code and Stephanie Meyer would have called it a day after Twilight. Sadly, I don’t have that much power.

Poor reviews don’t hurt sales, anyway. Check this best seller list out!

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